In cooperation with your physician I design a treatment plan to address your specific needs.
Most of my treatments encompass the following:

- Orthopedic Treatments

Joint problems are treated with manual therapy and disc problems are addressed with the McKenzie method.

-  Postoperative Treatments

These treatments aim at restoring strength and mobility after surgery due to an accident, minimally invasive surgery and partial or total joint replacements.

- Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Drainage therapy of congenital or acquired lymphatic edema following a trauma or surgery and bandaging if required.

- Malfunctions of the Craniomandibular Area

Treatments of the jaw in the case of arthritis and bruxism.







Praxis for Osteopathy and Physiotherapy

U. Mang

Schäfergasse 50

60313 Frankfurt

Opening times:

Monday -Thursday: 8 am - 6:30 pm
All private health insurance companies and self-payers. Dates by appointment.

Phone: 069 28 16 77
Fax: 069 13 38 76 47

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